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Tubby Jacks Premier Outdoor Cooker 13" - Black

Tubby Jacks Premier Outdoor Cooker 21" - Black

Our 21” cooker is the most popular Tubby Jacks kamado; ideal for outdoor gatherings of friends and family. All of our fabulous accessories can be used on this model.

·         Stylish, glazed ceramic Tubby Jacks cooker body

·         Robust ceramic fire box, fire ring and cast iron fire grate

·         21” diameter cast iron cooking grid

·         User friendly stainless steel air control vents

·         Easy to read temperature gauge

·         Integral hinged/foldable wooden side tables

·         High quality stainless steel stand with 4 wheels (2 lockable)

·         Hard wearing enamel finish available in 5 fantastic colours

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About the TJ-21

Outdoor entertaining just got a whole lot easier with the TJ-21 outdoor cooker bringing convenience, style and perfectly cooked food every time to those happy outdoor gatherings of friends and family.

 The generous 21” diameter makes this the largest cooker in the Tubby Jacks range, with a whopping 280 square inches of cooking area to work with – you can cook 6 whole chickens on this (vertically on sitters) in a little over an hour!

 The Tubby Jacks 21” kamado boasts a high quality ceramic firebox and fire ring to suspend the grill above it, and the ceramic double body means that cooking temperatures are consistently maintained. It’s easy to light and ready for use in just ten minutes, with user friendly air controls and a built in thermometer allowing for 8 different cooking methods –  roasting, grilling, baking, searing, pan frying, and slow cooking, plus it can be used as a meat or fish smoker, and using one of our pizza stones you can cook authentic Italian style pizzas in just three minutes. Think lightly grilled seabass infused with the natural flavours of wood chips, mouth watering succulent steaks, and the most delicious and tender slow cooked pork that just falls off the bone; even freshly baked bread to mop up those tasty juices….

The high quality stainless steel wheeled stand makes the TJ-21 easy to manoeuvre, and the hinged and folding wooden side tables add convenience.

One load of lumpwood charcoal gives you up to 10 hours of cooking time, so no need to keep refuelling, and when your guests have had their fill, the small amounts of ash left behind make it easy to clean out the bottom of your Tubby Jacks outdoor cooker.

 Heat up your outdoor lifestyle with a Tubby Jacks; bringing a whole new facet to relaxed alfresco entertaining.

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Gross weight: 120kg
Main body diameter: 55cm/21.6 inches
Diameter of cooking grid: 46.7cm/ 18.3 inches
Size of cooking area: 280 square inches/1808 sq cm
Assembled dimensions: 130cmL x 73cmD x 122cmH
Working Height: 91cm


Top Vent: Cast iron
Side table: Wood (handle: bamboo)
Stand, bands and air inlet: Stainless steel
Cooking grid: Stainless steel
Charcoal Plate: Cast iron
Fire ring/Fire box: Ceramic
Grill Dome/Grill base: Ceramic
Outer body: Glazed enamel

Lifetime guarantee on outer body

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