Wood Smoking Chips - A guide to great flavour

Wood Smoking Chips - A guide to great flavour


Delicious with meats and seafood, giving a unique sweet and nutty flavour with a hint of almond.


A good one for beginners, Apple wood chips add a crisp taste and quite a dense smokiness to meat and game without overpowering. This is one of the most popular varieties of wood chip and is great for mixing with other flavours - try it with cherry when smoking ribs, or on its own for ham, grilled pork, or roast lamb.


A mild smoky flavour that imbues your white meat and seafood with a delicate tang.


Good with poultry, seafood, lamb, pork, beef and game, so a good all rounder that will infuse your food with a sweet fruitiness and a rosy hue; it fuses well with oak and apple.


This will infuse your meat, poultry and game with a strongish sweet ‘n’ smokey flavour that really stands out; a real treat for your palate.


Another popular wood chip bringing bucket loads of robust, sweet ‘n’ smoky flavour to meat and poultry; especially good with sausages, bacon, and ham, though it also works well with beef and lamb and is well worth a try with cheese.


Juniper wood chips will impart a fresh and balsamic smokiness to your foods – great with game, especially venison, beef and pork.


Smoking with maple wood chips will add a lovely sweet nutty quality to your food – works well with chicken and pork, as well as vegetables – brings a whole new taste to sausages and, try this – with trout.


Mesquite wood chips will infuse richer meats like beef, lamb and duck with a strong spicy aroma and flavour, though it also works well with pork, cheese and vegetables.


Another good all rounder for your meat and fish, working particularly well with beef or lamb for a mild and mellow smokiness, and also amazing with oily fish like mackerel or sardines, and with vegetables.


Use orange wood chips to infuse your white meat and fish with a hint of zingy fruitiness.


Oak chips are tumbled and soaked in blended whiskey to give a strong and sweet, intensely aromatic flavour to pork, beef and salmon.